Authentication & Transaction Signing

1.5, 2 and 3 factor made easy...

Stop using passwords and clunky key ring tokens today!

How does it work?

A user chooses a memorable pattern by selecting at least 6 squares on a grid, keeping in mind the sequence of the squares.

When they need to logon they simply look at the challenge grid filled with seemingly random numbers and type in the digits inside their squares. This produces a One Time Code as the numbers in the grid are different at each logon.

The challenge grid can be displayed on a web page for 1.5 factor authentication or on a mobile device for 2 factor authentication.

PINgrid also provides transaction verification & signing by incorporating transaction details behind the numbers in the grid, thus validating the user and transaction details in a single step.

Where can it be used?

PINgrid can be used virtually anywhere, from door access systems and mobile phone apps, to Internet banking web sites.

PINgrid Internet Banking Demo

If you need to increase logon security or provide high assurance for workflow processes PINgrid is here to help.

You can integrate PINgrid technology into your own application or web site today. Integration is made as quick and as simple as possible by a combination of technology guides, Software Development Kits (SDK) and sample source code.

Where can I get it?

To add PINgrid technology to your product, web application or business workflow you can get it right here right now.

Winfrasoft AuthCentralLooking for an off-the-shelf, ready to run multi-factor authentication solution with built in PINgrid technology, without writing a stitch of code? If so Winfrasoft AuthCentral is what you need.

Get the PINgrid soft token for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT and Nokia Symbian - just search for PINgrid on your mobile device app store.

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